Famous People …

I Really Sometimes Feel Bad For Famous People Because They Have A Limit To Privacy. I Feel As Though They Don’t Become Famous To Be Judged, Their Providing Us With Entertainment. Before The Fame They Were Just People. Do You Honestly Think They’re First Thought In The Morning Is About Any Of Us? No They Have Problems Just Like Us. Everyone Should Be Able To Understand That With The Amount Of Times We’ve Been Hurt, Have Cried, Sad, Etc…



Do You Realize You Don’t Notice You Do Something A Specific Way Until It’s Pointed Out? As A Writer I Like To Get A Lot Of Feedback So I Read A Piece Of My Unfinished Book To Them (Family) . They Pointed Out That I Used “I” Too Much. They’re Right But Now Every Time I Write I Can’t Do It Without Noticing How Often I Use “I”.

Understood But Confused

Sometimes We Over Think Things And Misinterpret Them. But Isn’t That Normal? Like When Your Heart Instantaneously Starts Beating At The First Sign Of Fear Or When You’re Sad And The Waters Builds Up In Your Eyes. It Isn’t Exactly The Same But They Have The Same Concept Right?


Friendship Is Something That Is Questionable. Your Enemies Over Time May Become Friends And Vice Versa. You Never Know Who You Can Fully Trust Until You’ve Been Through It All. I Learned A Hard But Valuable Life Lesson When It Comes To Friendship, You Don’t Know Someone Until You Know Them.


How Do You Know When You’ve Changed? For Better Or Worst? I’ve Always Thought Of Changing A Different Way Of Saying Maturing. Your Not Intentionally Changing At Least I’m Not, I Just Changed. Now All The People Who Used To Be My Friends I’m Ashamed To Say I Even Knew Them But That’s What Life Comes Down Too. Growing Up…..

Keeping It Short.

I Know A Lot Of People Don’t Like To Waste Their Time Reading Something They Feel Is Boring So I’ll Keep It Short. What Do You Do On Nights Like These When You Can’t Sleep And Every Bad Memory Is Running Through Your Mind? I’ve Tired Distractions; Movies, Music, Books-They Only Help Temporarily-….