Naughty Or Nice

So Today My Enemy The Person That Used To Be My Best Friend Tested My Patience. Weeks Ago She Had Her Mother Call My Mother To Tell Her She Was Scared Of ME And She Doesn’t Want Me To Hit Her. I’m Not A Violent Person But Just Like Everyone Else In The World I Get Mad, Hurt, Frustrated, Sad, Etc. Therefore My Mother Asked Me Not To Touch Her. Now I’m In The Autotorium And She Purposely Sat Behind Me And Had Her Hands On The Back Of My Chair. See I Changed. The Old Me Wouldn’t Give A Damn About What My Mother Wanted And I Would’ve Hit Her But The New Me Maintains A Level Of Self Control. And Now The Whole Period While Her And Her Friends (My Ex-Friends) Sat There And Talked About Me I Ignored And Tried To Let It Past. But Now I’m At My Boiling Point I Fell Like A Push Over. If She’s So Scared Of Me Why Does She Insist On Talking About Me. The New Karen Is Coming Back Because I Refuse To Be The Bigger Person For Much Longer. Everyone On My Side Wants To Hit Her And Say Things Too Her But I Don’t Allow Them Because I Don’t Care But NOW My Mind Has Changed.


2 thoughts on “Naughty Or Nice

  1. That sounds horrible ! If someone did that to me, I would go OFF on them. I’m not one to start stuff, but when you start stuff with me it becomes an issue. I can understand how you might get a push over feeling, but your handling it a lot more maturely than I would ! (: But if she tries anything else, I’d definitely say something to an adult or confront her about telling her mom she’s scared of you -__- it’s dumb the ways she’s acting

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