My Choice?

So I Have Been Back And Forth Between My Mom And My Dad. But Currently I Stay With With My Dad 24/7 Excluding Weekends. My Mother Brought It To My Attention That At The End Of February I Would Be Coming Home. One Problem, February Ends Today And I’m Not Even Sure My Father Knows If/When I’m Moving Back To My Moms. But He Knew From The Start It Wasn’t A Permanent Move. I’ve Actually Grown To Get Closer To My Father And I Enjoy Spending Time With Him. But This Move Also Made Me Realize How Much My Mother Means To Me. I’m Afraid This Isn’t Going To Be Easy And I Don’t Want To Be The One To Choose Between Them But I Don’t Want To Jeopardize Our Relationship. If I’m With My Mom I Get To Be With My Sister More Unlike When I’m By My Father’s And Have To Talk To Her On The Phone. The Worst Part Of It All Is That I Want To Be With My Mom Just As Much As I Want To Be With My Dad.


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