Just To Be Clear….

Whenever Something Happens To Me I Have To Write It In That Moment. Some Of The Things I Say Is Mostly Out Of Anger And Hurt. I Would Be Lying If I Said I Didn’t Mean What I Said, Because I Did Mean It. I Meant It If I Said I Hate You And I Hate How You Make Me Feel But Here’s The Thing, I Meant It In That Moment. Everyone Feels Hate Just As Much As Love. I Choose To Write About It Because I Have No Other Way To Express Who I Feel. I Tried, I Tried So Hard To Bottle Everything Up And Keep In My Pain And Hurt But I Never Get Over It, I Hold On To It. When I Write About It, I Let It Go And Set It Free And This Helps Me See The Bigger Picture. Yes My Mother Annoys Me And Pisses Me Off And I Even Hate What She Does But At The End Of It All, She’s My Mom. She Was There Through It All When No One Else In World Even Knew About Me. Quick Story: You Know If It Wasn’t For My Mom I Wouldn’t Be Born. Her And My Father Decided To Get An Abortion When She Was Pregnant With Me. And She Couldn’t Go Through With It….I Try To Remember This Every Time She Makes Me Mad And It Always Seems To Slip My Mind. So Even If I Say Things About My Mom I Still Love Her.


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