Hello World.

I Haven’t Written On Here For A WHile, I Guess My Time Was Occupied. Update: My Relationship With My Mother Has Grown. We Haven’t Gotten Into An Argument In Weeks And I’m Proud, I Avoid Conflict With Her And So Far It Has Worked. My Father And I Never Had Any Issues But Our Relationship Has Also Grown. BIG Update: Remember My Ex-Bestfriend WHo Betrayed My And Started Problems WIth Me? My Bestfriend/Husband (P.S. She’s A Girl) Beat The Crap Out Of Her. Some Might Say It’s Wrong But She Got What She Deserved. If You TAlk About People A Lot And Start Things And DOn’t Expect To Get Feedback You’re Wrong……


Friends Or Enemies?

Sometimes We Often Think That We Can rust Our Friends To Be There For Us. And Then Realization Pops Up. Yesterday A Girl I Knew Since 6 Grade I Realized I No Longer Wanted To Associate Myself With. No, She Isn’t Aware Of This Because I’m Old Enough To Not Argue Over Friendships And Why People Act The Way They Do. I’m Not Anyone’s Mother And I Refuse To Treat People My Age, Like I Have To Watch Them. I Can’t Constantly Look Over My Back To See Who Really My Friend And Who’s Really Not. I Am Far Past That Age And Indulging In This Isn’t Going To Make My Life Any Better.

Buenas Tarde

Good Afternoon, 🙂 , I Spent Monday Until Today At My Father’s House To See My Grandfather’s Departure. Today Has Been Pretty Good, Nothing Gone Wrong So Far. I’m Less Petulant And More Calm Even Though I’ve Thought About Smacking People. I’m Focused On Becoming Better In Spanish So I Can Speak It Fluently. I Discovered Today A Whole Bunch Of Boys (3) Has Suddenly Taken An Interest In Me. Unfortunately, Yo Quiero Solomente Una Persona Pero Otro TomĂł Su CorazĂłn, But I’m Okay With It And I Respect The Decision Porque Now I Can Learn There Are Bigger Problemas Besides Mine.