So Strong: Gabrielle Union Opens Up About Her Rape At 19-Years-Old (VIDEO)

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Gabrielle Union isn’t just your average Hollywood actress – there are levels to her shit.

In a recent sit-down with The View, the brown-skinned beauty opened up about surviving rape at just 19-years-old, more specifically what helped her deal with such a tragic time in her life.

While working at a shoe store, Gabby and a co-worker were both held up at gunpoint and now, at 41-years-old, Dwyane Wade‘s fiancée reveals that not wanting to be treated like a victim helped her heal.

“I got sick of people letting me off the hook. Being a victim is so comfortable. People give you attention, people are nurturing … When something catastrophic happens in your life, everyone rallies around you. You’re getting all the attention and love and support that you always wanted. But it’s not for something positive, and I hated…

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What Is The Purpose Of Life?

The Purpose Of Life Is A Journey. It’s About Making Mistakes, And Learning From Them. In Hindsight I want To Say I Succeeded. I Didn’t Let Statistics And Expectations Drive Me To Failure. I Want To Be Able To Show This Is What I’ve Worked So Hard For.

School suspends teen boy for carrying purse. Why???

Kids Are Getting Suspended For Expressing Themselves But What Schools Should Be Addressing, They Simply Don’t.

Dr. Rebecca Hains

Boy with handbag: a menace to society? Boy with handbag: a menace to society?

For several weeks, an eighth-grade boy outside of Kansas City has been expressing his individuality by carrying a floral-print Vera Bradley purse. But yesterday, his assistant principal demanded he remove it. The boy refused, and he was immediately suspended from school.

This raises a question: Why is it a problem for a boy to carry a purse instead of a backpack if he wants to? By breaking gender stereotypes, he’s not hurting anyone. Instead, he’s showing the world that he has good self-esteem and self-confidence—that he is secure his identity.

Unfortunately, his school administrators’ actions show that they want to force a 13-year-old kid into stereotypical masculinity. Apparently, they value gender conformity over creativity and individuality.

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We’ve been seeing fascinating glimpses of boys and young men overturning gender stereotypes in recent years, which often leave people…

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In Actuality… Me Without Complications

Sometimes I Make Some Really Bad Decisions. Decisions That Affect Other People. And I Find Myself Literally Crying Myself To Sleep Because I Got Into To Bed Feeling Horrible About Myself, When A Lot Of People Don’t Care About Me Or How I Feel. As A Result I Don’t Let Myself Love Or Trust Because I’m Afraid To Be Hurt. Because I Feel Like I’ve Made So Many Bad Decisions That Karma Has Caught Up To Me And Will Leave Me With Nothing. Nothing To Call Mine. Because I Feel Like Everything I Get Is Bound To Be Taken Because I’m Selfish And It Took Having Nothing To Realize That. It Takes Pain To Make Me Realize It’s Real, I Don’t Know How To Just Be Me Without Complications.