Type A Personality

Today I Was Told From A Person I Just Met That I Have A Type A Personality. I Succeed In Everything That I Do But When I Stumble Upon New Challenges I Quit. I Was Also Told I Often Get Upset When I Don’t Understand Things And Tend To Beat Myself Down. And That I Need To Keep Pushing Myself To Realize It Isn’t That Hard. If I’m Being Honest With Myself, I Must Admit It’s True. Then I Found Myself Asking Myself Am I Afraid Of Failure? That’s Hard To Determine Since I Make Myself Thrive At What I Do, And Before I Reach The End Of Something That I Realize Is To Hard I Stop. I Am Afraid Of Being Hurt And Not Understanding Something Does Hurt Me. Many People Have Talents, And Knowledge Among Others Is Mine. I Find Myself Questioning, Is This Something I Need To Work On To Become A Better Person?


How Am I Becoming My Hero?

I Am Grasping Every Opportunity That Presents Itself To Me. I’m Getting An Education So In Life No One Can Try To Belittle Me. I’m Accomplishing Things That People In My Society/ School Don’t Even Think About. I’m Pushing Myself To Surpass Expectations And Statistics. I’m Making A Name For Myself And Even If It Doesn’t Matter To Others, It Means A Lot To Me. I’m Becoming Independent.