Alone But Not Lonely

I Ask Myself, Why Do I Constantly Want To Be Alone. I Often Come Up Short With Answers, However That Doesn’t Last Too Long. People Annoy Me, Things Annoy Me, The World Annoys Me, And I’m Stuck Hating Everything And Everyone. I Just Don’t Understand Some People, Or Maybe It’s Just Me. Maybe My Definition Of Friendship Isn’t The Same As Everyone Else. Or Maybe I’m Crazy And I’m The One Who Has To Change. But Yet, I’m Keeping Everyone Happy, And I’m Stuck With The Same Problems. Different People, Different Days, But The Same Situations. And I Tolerate It, Why? Beats Me, Because I Honestly Don’t Know. When Is Enough, Enough? When Can I Finally Be The Person That’s Not Okay? When Can I Have Fun And Not Be So Serious All The Time? When Can I Be Myself And Not Adjust To The Person Everyone Want Me To Be? When Can I Just Be Me? Everyone Wants Me To Change But They Can’t See They’re Making Me The Person I Am Today. Angry, Doubtful, Unsure, Emotionless, Uncaring, Anti-social, And The List Goes On… I’m Living In A World With So Much People, And Yet I’m Alone. But I’m Not Lonely.



So I Haven’t Really Been On And I Need To Change That … But I Had A Deep Conversation Today About Trust And Why I a Don’t Trust Anyone In Terms Of Guys. Well My First Ideal Relationship, (My Parents) Wasn’t Really The Best So I Saw That As A Child And I Knew That’s Not How I Ever Wanted My Relationships To Be To I Don’t Do Relationships Or Trust Period. So My Childhood Is Still Affecting Me And I Don’t Know How To Deal With That

Learning …

Hello Guys, I Learned Something Today. You Can’t Trust Some People Because You’ll Realize They’re Using You And Without Them Noticing You Figured It Out, They’ll Continue. Stupidity Is Blinding. For Me It’s Simple I Just Pull Myself Away Because I Rather Be Alone With A Whole Bunch Of People Who Don’t Like Me Than Surrounded With A Whole Bunch Of People Pretending To Like Me. At Least I Know Where I Stand.

Type A Personality

Today I Was Told From A Person I Just Met That I Have A Type A Personality. I Succeed In Everything That I Do But When I Stumble Upon New Challenges I Quit. I Was Also Told I Often Get Upset When I Don’t Understand Things And Tend To Beat Myself Down. And That I Need To Keep Pushing Myself To Realize It Isn’t That Hard. If I’m Being Honest With Myself, I Must Admit It’s True. Then I Found Myself Asking Myself Am I Afraid Of Failure? That’s Hard To Determine Since I Make Myself Thrive At What I Do, And Before I Reach The End Of Something That I Realize Is To Hard I Stop. I Am Afraid Of Being Hurt And Not Understanding Something Does Hurt Me. Many People Have Talents, And Knowledge Among Others Is Mine. I Find Myself Questioning, Is This Something I Need To Work On To Become A Better Person?

How Am I Becoming My Hero?

I Am Grasping Every Opportunity That Presents Itself To Me. I’m Getting An Education So In Life No One Can Try To Belittle Me. I’m Accomplishing Things That People In My Society/ School Don’t Even Think About. I’m Pushing Myself To Surpass Expectations And Statistics. I’m Making A Name For Myself And Even If It Doesn’t Matter To Others, It Means A Lot To Me. I’m Becoming Independent.

So Strong: Gabrielle Union Opens Up About Her Rape At 19-Years-Old (VIDEO)

Wow This Is So Inspirational …

Global Grind

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Gabrielle Union isn’t just your average Hollywood actress – there are levels to her shit.

In a recent sit-down with The View, the brown-skinned beauty opened up about surviving rape at just 19-years-old, more specifically what helped her deal with such a tragic time in her life.

While working at a shoe store, Gabby and a co-worker were both held up at gunpoint and now, at 41-years-old, Dwyane Wade‘s fiancée reveals that not wanting to be treated like a victim helped her heal.

“I got sick of people letting me off the hook. Being a victim is so comfortable. People give you attention, people are nurturing … When something catastrophic happens in your life, everyone rallies around you. You’re getting all the attention and love and support that you always wanted. But it’s not for something positive, and I hated…

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