Stories By Karen

Jane & I

“Boom!” I heard jumping out of my sleep. I listened to hear any other noises and I didn’t. My mom told me she would be home late. I glanced at the clock, but she’s never four a.m. late. I creeped out of bed and into the hallway. I saw no sign of movement but I knew for a fact I heard a noise. I tip-toed down the stairs and that’s when I saw her. My mother lying in the middle of the living room floor with a knife in her heart, dead. What could I do? I was in shock and couldn’t move. I just stood there and cried until the sun came up.“Lisa!” my five year old sister called out from upstairs. I knew I couldn’t let her see our mother like this. I didn’t want her last memory of my mom to be a knife in her heart.

“Lisa!” she called again and I couldn’t bring myself to speak because I knew she would hear the pain in my voice. But I had to try.

“Stay in your room Jane.” I yelled confidently.

I picked up the phone and I called the cops. I explained that I didn’t want my sister to know and to come quietly. I walked over my mother’s body and knelt down beside her. I touched her cold, pale face.

“Mommy” I whispered “How did this happen? Why did you leave? We have no one.”

The police came and took my mom. They asked me questions like “What happened? Was I in the house alone? How long has she been dead? Who do i know that would take Jane and I?”

“Excuse me, is your mother dead?” I asked the caucasion questioner.

“Uhm no.” she seemed taken back.

“I’m only thirteen did you know that?” I asked.


“My mother is gone, how do I explain that to my five year old sister?” but she didnt answer “Can you all just please leave?” I asked.

“We can’t leave you here alone.” one of the policemen said.

“But we’re not alone.” lie number one.

“Well whos here?”

“Our Nana she lives downstairs.” lie number two.

“Can we see her?” they asked.

“Yeah but you have to be quiet she’s sleeping. I don’t want to tell her my mom’s dead yet.”

“Okay.” they nodding in agreement.

I led them to the basement where our housekeeper Ms. Gomez lived. I just needed them to think we were ok. They saw that we weren’t alone and left immediately.

I had to leave and take Jane with me, we needed to find our father.

“Jane.” I called for her as I ran up the stairs.

“Yes!” she yelled from her room.

“We’re going on a road trip, but without mommy.”

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“To find our dad, let’s surprise mommy.”


“Yeah, pack everything you would want to keep forever.”

I went downstairs into my moms office and went into the safe that was hidden behind a picture. There was twenty thousand dollars in cash and letters from california from our dad. I went online and found a bus to California. It was leaving at 5 o’clock and it was now twelve. I went upstairs and took a shower with Jane so we wouldn’t waste time. I got two suit cases and packed clothes, toothbrushes, shoes, and an extra coat. I put the money in a backpack along with my phone, a map, the tickets, a DVD player and some DVDs, and a picture of our mom.

We got dressed and I ordered some breakfast. Ms. Gomez still wasn’t up because it was her off day so I wrote her a note

‘M’y mom died, Jane and I are going to find our dad. Don’t be alerted we’re fine. I know exactly were he is. We will be back.’ When we were finished eating we left.

Jane and I took a taxi to the bus station. When we arrived it was four o’clock and the allowed us to board.

“Lisa?” Jane questioned.

“Yes.” I answered.

“Where’s mommy?” and I couldn’t answer. I couldn’t lie to Jane. Tears just came to my eyes and I tried to force them shut but not before she saw. “Lisa what happened to my mommy?”

I started crying and I was so upset with myself because I was suppose to be the strong one, I was suppose to be the one to protect her.

“Jane she’s gone.”

“Where did she go?” she asked.

“No Jane you don’t understand she gone forever.” and my words left her speechless.

The bus began to move and fifteen minutes into the drive Jane was asleep. I decided to get some rest also. Thirty minutes later I woke up and Jane was gone…


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