My Ex-Love

I Could Say I Am In Love But With Whom? Someone Who Already Moved On And Left Me To Pick Up The Pieces Of My Heart. I Knew I Was Still In Love When He Could Still Hurt Me And He Wasn’t Even Mine. I Found Out He Has A New Girlfriend And That’s When I Had My Big Wake Up Call. He Didn’t Even Tell Me, I Had To Find Out. We Made A Promise That After We Broke Up We Would Still Have Our Friendship. And Yet I Find Myself Hating Him Because He Can’t Tell Me He Has A Girlfriend. I Feel Guilty Because I Pushed For Him To Move On And He Has And Now I’m Stuck. And Now I’m Left Crying Questioning If Our Love Was Real. I Can’t Tell Myself I’ve Moved On Because I Haven’t. I Can’t Bring Myself To Use Someone To Make Myself Feel Better Because Of How I Feel Now.