Type A Personality

Today I Was Told From A Person I Just Met That I Have A Type A Personality. I Succeed In Everything That I Do But When I Stumble Upon New Challenges I Quit. I Was Also Told I Often Get Upset When I Don’t Understand Things And Tend To Beat Myself Down. And That I Need To Keep Pushing Myself To Realize It Isn’t That Hard. If I’m Being Honest With Myself, I Must Admit It’s True. Then I Found Myself Asking Myself Am I Afraid Of Failure? That’s Hard To Determine Since I Make Myself Thrive At What I Do, And Before I Reach The End Of Something That I Realize Is To Hard I Stop. I Am Afraid Of Being Hurt And Not Understanding Something Does Hurt Me. Many People Have Talents, And Knowledge Among Others Is Mine. I Find Myself Questioning, Is This Something I Need To Work On To Become A Better Person?


Others Opinion Of Me

Someone Told Me Today That I Need To Learn to Trust. Everyone Collaboratively Agreed That Their First Impression Of Me Was A (B)unny (I)n (T)he (C)rack (H)ouse. I Was Also Told That I’m A Very Closed Person But I Am Also Very Generous, And That I Would Give The Shirt Off My Back To Someone. That I’m Afraid Of Being Hurt So I Build This Wall So No One Can Past. That Being Said, I Believe This Is True. After All I’ve Been Through, Situation Wise. I Just Want To Protect Myself And My Emotions/Feelings. Because When I Break, I Break And I Want To Be Strong, For Myself. And If That Means Not Letting Anyone In, So Be It.

Gay Rights!

I Strongly Support Gays Because I Feel They Are People Just Like People Who Aren’t Gay. Saying Gays Don’t Belong Is Like Saying Whites And Blacks Don’t Go Together. What Bothers Me Is That All These Years People Have Fought For Equal Rights And Still Patronize Us. Just Because We Don’t All Share The Same Interest In People Doesn’t Mean Gays Don’t Belong. They Have Feelings Just Like Us And Have A Right To Everything Just As Much As Anyone Else. I Also Have A Issues When People Say God Didn’t Make Man For Man Or Woman For Woman, But He Made Us All Didn’t He? He Loves Us All N Matter What We Do Or Who We Are With He Love Us Unconditionally. Yes I Know Everyone Isn’t Comfortable With The Idea But This IS The 21st Century. Everything Isn’t Perfect But I Believe You Should Be Happy. The World Should Be Focusing On Politics, The Economy, Soldiers, Etc … Yes I’m Only Fifteen And Many Might Say I Don’t Know Much. But I Know We Should Be Happy With Whoever We Want To Be Happy With. Our Ancestors Didn’t Fight For Equality So We Could Single Out Another Group Of People. So By Doing That We’re Making What They Fought SO Hard For Pointless.