I Seriously Do Not Like This New Upgrade WordPress Has Made … Ugh Nothing Seems To Be Accessible …. I’ve Mistakenly Unfollowed People And My Auto Correct Is Being A Pain. On The Plus Side, I Like The Keyboard đŸ˜’


Freedom Fighters

20140126-122609.jpg We Are All Freedom Fighters, All Fighting For Something … It’s Just That We Might Not Be Fighting For The Same Things.

Haunted By Your Past

I Honestly Think The Past Eventually Catches Up With You… Today I Was By A Person That I No Longer Ever Wanted To Speak To. A Person I Was Upset With And Couldn’t Even Imagine Talking To Again Apologized To Me. Why? I’m Not Really Sure. And After That I Realized I Wasn’t Even Mad Because I Didn’t Care. So I Found Peace In Something I Had Forgotten About.

Others Opinion Of Me

Someone Told Me Today That I Need To Learn to Trust. Everyone Collaboratively Agreed That Their First Impression Of Me Was A (B)unny (I)n (T)he (C)rack (H)ouse. I Was Also Told That I’m A Very Closed Person But I Am Also Very Generous, And That I Would Give The Shirt Off My Back To Someone. That I’m Afraid Of Being Hurt So I Build This Wall So No One Can Past. That Being Said, I Believe This Is True. After All I’ve Been Through, Situation Wise. I Just Want To Protect Myself And My Emotions/Feelings. Because When I Break, I Break And I Want To Be Strong, For Myself. And If That Means Not Letting Anyone In, So Be It.


How Do I Prevent Mistakes From Happening Before They Happen? I Mean, Aren’t The Mistakes We Make What Makes Us Who We Are? Then Why Is It We Get Patronized For Making Mistakes? We Can’t Learn From Things That Never Occur. I’m Confused As To If Mistakes Are Good Or Bad….